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Demo!!! Reupload

2012-02-26 11:23:40 by Tiggasaurus

Hey there NG.

Anyone on my userpage has probably, by this point, realised that I am a musician. This is how the story begins. Back in 2009, I made the demo of a project that now goes under the moniker "Safe Room." After realising that I wasn't at all happy with how it came out (along the production process of two decreasingly experimental EPs), I decided to redo the whole thing. The process took me a few months (years) as i've not stopped producing new material in the meantime, so the remake of the demo has been persistently in the backseat, until today, when I finally finished the third and final track of the new demo. It's taken hours to get the mix right, but now, I present to you, Newgrounds, the 2012 remake of the original 2009 release, Demo!!!, by Safe Room.

(You can find it under my 2012 audio submissions.)

I do intend to improve on Voices (the EP that included "Last One Alive") and Panic! (The one that brought Swimming Pool, Ludwig, Commence, and This Is Your Life, as well as three tracks I never released here, and one that will be scrapped in the upcoming re-release), and then re-release them, hopefully by the end of this year. However, as Panic! didn't get released until early 2011, and was intended for release originally on 1st January 2010, I can't make any promises regarding keeping this one on schedule.

'Nuff Said.